Final student project – Identity for Speelgoedmuseum Mechelen – 2019

For our identity assignment at the start of my last year, I was handed the Speelgoedmuseum in Mechelen. At first, it was hard to imagine coming up with a design for kids, as I didn’t consider my usual style to be playful or vibrant. But then I bumped into the work of Ken Garland, which showed me a way to combine a clean lay-out that’s also playful and accessible to children. I chose to combine a dynamic typeface, bright colours and black and white pictures (occasionally paired with multiplied colour shapes).

In designing the logo I immediately went to work with the letter S. I didn’t come up with a definite design at first, until I noticed that the shape of the letter S could be seen in the windows of the museum building. Not only did it give me the opportunity to use the shapes of the logo as a graphic element, it provided added value as an architectural reference. Furthermore, yellow is the most striking and therefore the most prominent colour used for the identity. Blue and orange are granted a more supporting role.

For the identity I had to design a variety of things: an exhibition poster, a newspaper advertisement, a digital ad, a brochure (part poster/part booklet), wayfinding, a website, packaging and a gift voucher. Below you will find a selection of the work that best represents the overall look and feel of the identity.


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