I’m Mathieu, a graphic designer based in Antwerp with a focus on book and poster design, and a passion for sustainability. My lifelong dream was to become a film critic, to play with (archaic) words yet still appealing to the senses. Studying Literature & Linguistics felt logical to me at the time, but the course proved too theoretical and not practical enough. Going for Journalism was the next step in achieving my goal. However, life took a turn shortly after I graduated as a TV journalist and my creativity lay dormant until four year ago. I took evening classes in graphic design, graduated with honours and decided to go freelance.

I see myself as a conscious and intentional designer with a minimal yet tactile design aesthetic. I’m also a creative monkey, constantly trying to comprehend a bunch of lively ideas.

In 2018 my partner Sarah Schrauwen and I started our first and ongoing collaboration: Double Bill Posters. In July 2021, we took our relationship to the next level and launched doublebill.design: a new name, website and webshop for our joint work and limited edition art prints.

OFFICE (from spring 2023)

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