I’m Mathieu, a graphic designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. My lifelong dream was to become a film critic, to play with (archaic) words yet still appeal to the senses. Studying Literature & Linguistics felt logic at the time, but my practical side was mostly left untouched. Going for Journalism was the next step in achieving my goal. However, life took a turn short after graduating as TV journalist and my creativity lay dormant. But over the past two years I picked it all up, took an evening class in graphic design, graduated with honors and now I feel more ready than ever to unleash my creativity.

I see myself as a conscious and intentional designer. I think consistency is key and when used from the get-go, it can result in a broad spectrum of creative ideas and concepts. Thinking ahead is your friend! In my case that means a balanced, minimal, yet sensory design.

In these past two years I’ve enjoyed the support and guidance from my partner and fellow graphic designer Sarah Schrauwen. Our first collaboration is a fact: Double Bill Posters. Since October 2018 we each create a weekly film poster with the following restrictions: we can spend only one hour on concept and execution, use only type and/or illustration and no more than three colours. Check it out on our Instagram or Tumblr.

And last, but not least: some additional incentives. I’m an avid cyclist, vegan and essentialist. I’m into zero waste, anything cinema-related, and I’m freakishly tidy.

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